Yenra : Manufacturing : Metallic Rendering : OpenGL wire-frame, hidden line removal, color shading, texture mapping, and realistic effects within animations


Machine Works has developed further enhancements to its latest V6.1 release, using real time OpenGL rendering. Machine Works is now capable of rendering a realistic metallic effect within its animations.

An advance demonstration of Machine Works' shiny metallic reflections can be seen at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in September.

Machine Works' new capabilities will offer users the option to add realistic metallic reflections into their applications, giving further scope to customize the look and feel. The ability to produce a bespoke product is one the many advantages of using Machine Works and that includes the configuration of analytical functionality too. "After the release of version 6.1, we realized that the CAM market was still demanding a metallic look so we continue to enhance Machine Works rendering features in order to fulfill customer requirements", comments Mike Nicholson, Business Development Manager of Machine Works.

Major enhancements of Machine Works version 6.1 include analytical functions to improve the detection of collisions, gouges and undercuts within the different Machine Works engines. Version 6.1, not only supports OpenGL rendering with wire-frame, hidden line removal, color shading and transparency but also advanced features such as texture mapping and shadows to enhance the realistic effect.

Machine Works develops CNC simulation and verification component software.