Yenra : Television : Real Gilligan's Island Reality Show : Cast members whose true life experience mirrors that of the original television characters

Real Gilligan's Island

Original Gilligan's Island cast member Dawn Wells poses with potential Mary Ann's competing at an open casting call in Wichita, Kansas, for TBS's new reality series The Real Gilligan's Island, premiered Tuesday, November 30.


Viewers are eager to find out who the cast members will be on The Real Gilligan's Island, with speculation on the casting of the movie star running particularly high. Here's a sneak peek at the cast:

TBS's new reality series The Real Gilligan's Island -- from executive producers Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, High School Reunion) and father-son team Sherwood (Gilligan's Island) and Lloyd Schwartz -- is based on the popular sitcom about seven stranded castaways. The new show will feature a group of people who personify the original Gilligan's Island: a real-life skipper, first mate, millionaire couple, movie star, Kansas farm girl and professor, who, as on the 1960's sitcom, will work together to try to get off the island.