Yenra : Manufacturing : Product Recall Service : Product recall package includes web services, customer contact services, distribution solutions and returns management

PFSweb, a leading provider of business process outsourcing solutions for e-commerce and traditional retailers, today announced a new service offering to assist companies confronting product recalls.

Available immediately, the product recall package combines an array of business-process services to form a scalable infrastructure that can be rapidly deployed to help resolve a product-related customer crisis. The plan includes Web services, customer contact services, distribution solutions and returns management.

'Time is of the essence during a product recall and every action a company takes must be swift and accurate to protect both the consumer and the company,'said Mark Layton, chief executive officer and senior partner at PFSweb. 'By outsourcing the process to an experienced provider like PFSweb, companies are assured of maintaining daily operating efficiencies while executing a premier recall program.'

'Safety, satisfaction, the customer relationship and the company's reputation are often all at stake. If we can maintain or enhance a company's brand value during a potentially damaging customer situation, we help our client maintain a customer for life,'Layton said. 'This service offering is also a way to further leverage PFSweb's world class operating and technology infrastructure into new market areas.'

PFSweb provides companies immediate and full visibility of the recall process, including the customer contact infrastructure, distribution and product handling, and information and data services. PFSweb warehouses, manages and fulfills approximately $1 billion annually in client merchandise and transactions, operating approximately 1 million square-feet of highly automated distribution facilities in Memphis, Tennessee, Toronto, Canada, and Liege, Belgium.