Yenra : Telephone : Prepaid Roaming : Callback solution to supplement CAMEL-2 roaming

Prepaid Roaming

Comverse today announced Support of USSD-based callback on its prepaid systems, extending roaming capabilities for prepaid wireless subscribers, and broadening prepaid service functionality to include balance inquiry, and balance recharge.

The solution has been implemented in Emtel in conjunction with CAMEL-2 based roaming. The callback capability provides additional roaming support for prepaid users, allowing them to roam to a larger number of other GSM networks.

Comverse's callback solution is based on USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) technology. When the subscriber sends a USSD query containing the destination number to be reached, the Comverse system responds by placing calls to both the subscriber and the requested destination. The subscriber is charged once the call is connected. One important advantage of the technology is that roamers can now place prepaid calls even from networks that do not support the CAMEL-2 standard.

"We are very pleased with the Comverse callback solution and the additional capabilities that it brings to our customers," said Mr. Sanjay Santbakshsing, Information Systems Manager of Emtel Ltd, Mauritius. "The solution is fully compatible with our local switches and is a welcome addition to the CAMEL-2 support already provided by Comverse. Our customers are now able to access new features using the USSD callback solution, including balance inquiry and balance recharge."

Howard Woolf, President of Comverse Intelligent Networks (IN) Division, said, "CAMEL-2 offers an efficient method of authorizing prepaid calls from a roaming subscriber. However, CAMEL-2 technology is not available in every GSM network, creating a problem for the roaming subscriber. Our USSD-based callback feature offers an alternative strategy, allowing prepaid subscribers to place outgoing calls from any GSM network. This is a pragmatic approach that reflects the realities of today's GSM world."

Comverse's prepaid solution is technology-independent and has been deployed to a large number of GSM, CDMA, TDMA and other networks around the world. Scalable to support millions of active subscribers, it offers a rich feature set. The Comverse system operates in a variety of IN and pre-IN environments and allows service packages to be customized to the needs of each local market. The solution is designed to encourage high ARPU through the delivery of advanced service features, while ensuring that subscriber spending does not exceed pre-defined credit limits. Comverse has deployed prepaid systems in more than 90 networks in 45 countries and supports over 30 different languages and currencies.