Yenra : Telephone : Pre-Paid Phones : With strong network of business owner agents, Budget provides unlimited long distance and local home service calling plans

Pre-Paid Phones

Budget Phone has become the largest pre-paid home phone service company in the United States, reaching a significant milestone by providing unlimited long distance and home phone service to more than 100,000 customers nationwide.

In May, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco recognized Budget Phone as a national success story. "I congratulate the many employees, managers and company executives that have worked diligently to help Budget Phone reach this significant milestone in their company's history," Governor Blanco said. "Their presence in Louisiana is truly valued, and we are overjoyed by their most recent success."

As a Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC), Budget Phone resells home phone service for customers who pre-pay. The service includes unlimited long distance and unlimited local calling for one low price. Budget Phone's business model includes a strong network of small to medium business owners (agents) who sell and distribute their products to their customers. Agents appreciate the aggressive commission strategy support structure for success that Budget Phone provides.

Bill Esenbock, VP of operations for Colorama Rental Center with 16 locations in Kentucky and Virginia, said, "Originally I switched to Budget Phone because the commissions were much better for me and the products were much better for my customers, but lately I've begun to really appreciate how few complaints I receive from my customers about their phone service," said Esenbock. "If Budget Phone makes a promise, they deliver on it."

Charlie Boyette owns a lucrative pawn and jewelry repair shop in North Carolina. "They never just put a product out there and forget about it," said Boyette. "They're always trying to improve it and then pass the improvements along to me. I love it when I can give a better product to a regular customer for the same amount they've been paying. That builds customer loyalty. Budget Phone is constantly figuring out how I can make more money. You gotta like that!"

Bob Syrgley, owner of a chain of check cashing stores in Arkansas, said, "I have one word to describe Budget Phone -- painless. I went through several home phone service companies who were just out to line their pockets and dump the business. Not Budget Phone," said Syrgley. "They're in for the long haul. I make good profits, everything is easy, everything is supported and just as important, I don't deal with irate customers anymore."