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Portable MP3 Player

Digital Mind will manufacture, distribute, and provide support for the DMC 800 portable music player and storage device in the United States, under special agreement with MultiChannel Labs (MCL), one of the leading MP3 makers in Korea. The DMC 800 has been available from MCL in Europe, and has received critical acclaim for its sleek design, high-end technical features, superb quality, and performance.

"The DMC 800 is one of the most sophisticated, full-featured, portable storage/music players available anywhere," said Jim Collier, Digital Mind's president and CEO. "Its small size, elegant mirror finish and world class quality make it one of the premier products in its class. Its long list of features include support for MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF and Ogg Vorbis file formats, 16+ hour replaceable lithium ion battery, studio-quality direct encoding, voice recording, FM Radio (and FM recording) and both PC and Mac compatibility without special software. This makes the DMC 800 one of the most feature-rich ultra-portable digital audio players on the market. We are also extremely proud that it is manufactured and fully supported in the United States."

The base model DMC 800 comes with 20GB of storage, enough capacity to hold 5,000 songs, voice and FM recordings or to backup computer files that can be shared between PCs and Macs. Its intuitive user interface allows the user to start navigating through files and playlists almost immediately.

The DMC 800 joins the 40GB and 80GB DMC 500 Portable Audio Players that are also made in the United States by Digital Mind Corp.