Yenra : Manufacturing : Photopolymer Jetting : Rapid prototyping system uses clean sealed resin cartridges and delivers a very high resolution of sixteen microns

PolyJet System

Stratasys has begun to market a new a compact rapid prototyping system from Objet Geometries.

The Eden260 is a high-speed photopolymer jetting system that fully cures the modeling material with UV light during the modeling process. Models do not need curing after being built, nor do they require other steps beyond support removal, which is done at a standard water-jet station. PolyJet modeling resin comes in sealed cartridges that are safe and clean, so users aren't exposed to liquid resin throughout the process. Models built on the Eden260 have excellent surface finish smoothness and a very high resolution of 16 microns.

"PolyJet technology is setting a new standard in photopolymer rapid prototyping systems," said Eden product manager Fred Fischer.

The 3D printer is part of the Eden family of PolyJet rapid prototyping systems, and it shares the technology of the larger 333 model.

The system has a small footprint for in-office prototyping.

Stratasys manufactures office-based rapid prototyping systems and 3D printers.

Objet Geometries (now a brand of Stratasys) develops, manufactures, and globally markets ultra-thin layer rapid prototyping systems and resins.