Yenra : Manufacturing : Part Curing : Stainless steel hands free system with built-in storage and automated pushbutton door for convenient loading and unloading

The ProCure UV Curing system from 3D Systems is a new hands free stainless steel part curing system for parts produced on all SLA systems.

Part Curing

This system features a variety of new features that makes it easy and convenient to operate. The ProCure system has a built in stand and storage cabinet with an optional countertop configuration, and it features closed loop time and temperature controls and self monitoring intelligence. The stainless steel construction has an automated pushbutton front door for convenient loading and unloading of parts in sizes up to 13.8 inches. The ProCure system is compatible with 3D Systems' entire line of SLA systems.

"The ProCure System is yet another example of a product that was born out of a clear customer need," said Abe Reichental of 3D Systems.

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