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Recent advances in polypropylene clarifier and processing technologies are leading to its emergence as a possible alternative to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in clear, rigid packaging applications. Polypropylene: An Emerging Alternative to PET provides technological trends, market opportunities, and economic possibilities presented by polyolefins being introduced into the well-entrenched domain of PET containers for food, beverages, and other end-use categories. This 200+ page study examines monolayer and multilayer structures, barrier options, markets, blowmolding technologies, filling processes, additive technologies, potential applications, and economic possibilities. Includes nearly 100 exhibits and 50 contact listings. Cost is US $3,500.

Radio Frequency Identification for Packaging: Solutions for the Distribution Chain is a groundbreaking study that defines the 21st century paradigm shift in thinking, infrastructure, technologies, and benefits of radio frequency identification (RFID). This report has value for those seeking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies throughout the distribution chain -- anyone involved in manufacturing, converting, filling, selling, or distributing packaging for health and beauty aids, dry goods, beverages, pharmaceutical products, and clothing. Any manufacturer of a product can benefit from the cost-efficient movement through the entire distribution chain that RFID can provide. Includes over 30 exhibits and 60 contact listings. Cost is US $3,500.

Packaging trends and technologies are the focus of Hot Topic reports -- quick-to-market reports that put relevant information, data, and tactical analysis on highly topical issues related to packaging into the marketplace in a timely manner.

Hot Topic reports follow a standard structure, including an executive summary, introduction, and chapters devoted to driving forces and limiting factors, technologies, materials, market opportunities and five-year forecasts. Contact information for participating companies is also included.

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