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ProfitKey International, a Platinum Equity company that provides enterprise resource planning software for make-to-order manufacturers, today announced advances in data collection that allow real-time shop floor monitoring through a wireless personal digital assistant.

ProfitKey's Rapid MES Operations Monitoring uses a browser-enabled handheld device to help shop floor supervisors stay on top of activity at machine queues, receive alerts for down processes and view machine and operator utilization, among other functions. A clean, color-coded interface makes shop status easy to read and understand.

"Operations Monitoring on a handheld device provides ProfitKey users important information where they need it - on the shop floor," said Ken Hayes, the company's vice president of new product development. "Alerts and in-process information aren't stranded on your desktop, while you're out on the floor. Current shop status is literally at your fingertips - from anywhere, anytime. Our product will help users increase their efficiency and save time."

ProfitKey demonstrated the PDA at several local user group meetings held during the summer. "Our users were very excited about the effect this type of wireless device would have on the shop floor," said Joe DiZazzo, the company's president. "Improving efficiency has a direct impact on your return on investment."

ProfitKey International has provided ERP software for discrete manufacturers for 24 years.

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