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Boundless Corporation announced the first in a new series of Network Clients. The product offers enterprise-wide compatibility and additional functionality for many of Boundless' current customers. This series will also have great appeal to new customers looking for an easily managed, expandable, flexible, but low cost client device. The ADDS 5500 allows Boundless current text terminal users to easily access applications throughout the enterprise as well as through the worldwide web.

According to Tony Giovaniello, Boundless VP, Business Development, "Our new Linux Net Terminal allows our current UNIX, AIX, and PICK based customers to bring new applications to their users. Servers can now be accessed that were not available using traditional text terminals. Also, applications throughout the enterprise can now be delivered as multiple sessions to the client desktop. The product not only offers the traditional ASCII and ANSI terminal emulations offered in the ADDS 4000 Series, it adds emulations to access IBM Mainframes (3270), IBM AS/400 (5250), Tandem, Siemens, and other systems. As customers have come to expect, we will continue to offer customized versions for specific customer needs. In addition, the product will be available for OEM customers with their own logo's, or with no logo, for resellers and integrators that prefer to showcase their own brand."

"These 'Network Clients' offer a low acquisition cost, low total cost of ownership, ease of installation and use, and very high reliability. The unit is small, but highly functional. Its small, rugged, metal enclosure is very well suited for space constrained environments like retail," said Jeff Hilk, VP Sales. "The ADDS 5000 Series will expand our strong appeal in the branch-replicated retail market. It supports a variety of displays including CRTs, LCD flat panels, and touch screens. In addition, its extensive connectivity includes keyboard and mouse ports, serial and parallel ports, and four USB ports. These ports will facilitate the connection of customer displays, application specific keyboards, 'bump bars,' scanners, journal and receipt printers, magnetic stripe readers, signature capture devices and many other retail peripherals."

Boundless' President and CEO, Joe Joy, commented, "We have had a series of product releases over the last eight months to round out our popular ASCII/ANSI text terminal offering. Now, with the introduction of our new ADDS 5000 Series, we are positioning ourselves for the future. Not only will these products serve the needs of our current customers, we'll now participate in a growing market where we can leverage our substantial desktop-oriented knowledge and experience. This new series will help us deliver improving performance as we move through 2004 and into 2005."

This is the first in a series of new products from Boundless that will offer enterprise-wide connectivity and features important for the branch-replicated retail market. The company said it will start accepting orders for the ADDS 5500 in March and commence shipping the products in the month of April.