Yenra : 3G : .NET Wireless : Baseband processors and software infrastructure for enterprise applications


Modularis announced today that it has completed an annual collaborative review of the Modularis Accelerator Program's results against the Enterprise Infrastructure needs of PrairieComm, the wireless technology company.

PrairieComm delivers key enabling technologies including highly integrated chipsets, embedded software, and licensed intellectual property to leading international consumer electronic companies serving the wireless communications market. Founded in 1994, PrairieComm had a vision in which global wireless handset manufacturers would depart from a vertically integrated product development model to allow them to focus on their strengths, such as world-class manufacturing and consumer marketing.

The vision has become a reality as several consumer electronic customer-partners have come to rely on PrairieComm to develop baseband processors and software for their second (2G) and third (3G) generation wireless devices. Headquartered today in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, PrairieComm has achieved a unique position as the only organization worldwide capable of supplying baseband processors and software across all digital wireless standards. Through the adoption of a common architecture across standards and with the expertise to incorporate multiple technologies on a single chip, they offer their customer-partners low-cost products, superior product designs, and unequaled speed in product development.