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Unilever National Park 2002 Calendar

Unilever's National Parks 2002 Calendar is available free on a limited basis by writing: Unilever National Parks 2002 Calendar, P.O. Box 13450, Charleston, SC 29422.

Majesty, exploration, beauty, drama and discovery are all elements of the National Park experience. More than 276 million people each year participate in the National Park experience visiting America's 385 National Parks. Most capture their experience on film.

For the eighth consecutive year, Unilever, the longest standing corporate partner of the National Park Foundation, the official non-profit partner of the National Park Service, unveils its full-color National Parks 2002 Calendar. Unilever's National Parks 2002 Calendar features winners of its fourth annual amateur Your Picture of America photo contest as well as winners of a new National Parks photo contest open to Unilever employees.

The Unilever National Parks 2002 Your Picture of America Grand Prize winner, selected by a panel of judges, is Willie Johnson of Georgetown, Indiana winning with an image taken in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

"Our National Parks have been a source of enjoyment and inspiration to me for well over 30 years spanning four generations in my family," said Your Picture of America Grand Prize Winner Willie Johnson. "Whether canoeing a remote river, hiking a scenic trail, or admiring the beauty and simplicity of a single leaf, our National Parks offer opportunities for learning, enjoyment and refuge for people of all ages and abilities. As our world becomes more complex, it is critical that each of us have a stake in the protection of our natural and cultural resources. Unilever's commitment to the environment via its support of our National Parks sets a high standard of corporate stewardship. Through its Recycling at Work program, annual photography contest, grants for student interns and material contributions, Unilever continues to demonstrate leadership in support of our National Parks."

The Unilever National Parks 2002 Calendar also features full-color photographs taken by acclaimed outdoor photographers of National Parks participating in Unilever's eight year, $12 million program in partnership with the National Park Foundation.

"Unilever's National Parks 2002 Calendar, is an effective tool for Unilever to showcase its ongoing commitment to preserve and protect America's National Parks," commented Melinda Sweet, Deputy General Counsel, Unilever. "It's important to involve consumers, trade customers and employees in Unilever's flagship program. The calendar depicts people's keen interest in and love for National Parks -- our nation's treasures."

Unilever National Parks 2002 Calendar Your Picture of America photo contest awards one grand prize, a Kodak DC5000 digital camera (ARV: $700) and eleven first prize winners, National Park Passes (ARV: $50). All winners receive a Unilever Family Pack of products. Twelve Unilever Employee National Parks Photo Contest Winners receive Kodak Digital cameras (ARV: $500).

The National Park Foundation was chartered by Congress in 1967 as the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. In the past five years the National Park Foundation has raised more than $78 million in support of America's National Parks.