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Motorola Microsoft Smart Phone

Building on their strategic alliance, AT&T Wireless and Microsoft, together with Motorola, will offer the first GSM/GPRS-compatible Windows Mobile-based Smartphone for the North American market -- the Motorola MPx200. The new Motorola MPx200 is expected to be available from AT&T Wireless in the fourth quarter of this year.

Utilizing Microsoft Windows Mobile software, the new Motorola MPx200 phone will allow AT&T Wireless customers to take the functionality and familiarity of Microsoft Office and Outlook features with them while on the move. With the latest in Personal Information Management (PIM) functionality, phone users can easily synchronize and access Outlook contacts, inbox, calendar and tasks. In addition, businesses looking for a scalable and secure means of accessing information behind corporate firewalls will be able to take advantage of AT&T Wireless' unique over-the-air provisioning solution to simplify and minimize implementation efforts of corporate information technology departments. The phone also supports Web browsing using Pocket Internet Explorer and fully integrates MSN Messenger service for a robust instant messaging experience. The Motorola MPx200 also will have "one-click" access to AT&T Wireless' popular mMode service to connect customers to the latest in news, weather, sports, gaming, messaging services and more.

"Together with Microsoft and Motorola, we are taking the next leap forward in unwiring the corporate office," said Andre Dahan, president of AT&T Wireless Mobile Multimedia Services. "The Motorola MPx200 is an ideal device for mobile professionals looking for a wireless extension of their workplace -- and for consumers looking for the ultimate in multimedia functionality. This cutting-edge device provides us with the flexibility to meet the needs of both mobile professionals and businesses looking for a simple, secure and scalable solution to meet the growing needs of the enterprise market in today's mobile economy."

"Today's busy professionals are demanding more from their wireless experience and looking for the right combination of reliability and synchronization that can keep them connected and entertained while mobile," said Pieter Knook, corporate vice president of mobile and embedded devices at Microsoft. "The new Motorola MPx200 delivers a long-awaited mobile phone experience, combining the powerful and familiar Windows Mobile software with AT&T Wireless' advanced GSM/GPRS services and the trusted quality of a Motorola handset."

"We are dedicated to bringing dynamic solutions to market that enhance our customers' offerings and benefit consumers who desire advanced mobile tools -- the new Motorola MPx200 is a shining example of this commitment," said Tom Lynch, president of PCS at Motorola Inc. "By extending the reach, access and connectivity of the traditional office, the new Motorola MPx200 combined with Microsoft Windows Mobile functionality and advanced multimedia and communication features allows users a familiar way to control and simplify their lives."

In addition to the phone's productivity features, the Motorola MPx200 handset is designed for entertainment with a large color screen and intuitive keypad. Utilizing the phone's rich polyphonic speaker and Windows Media player application, consumers can listen to Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 music files. With up to 1 gigabyte of expandable memory via memory disk, the handset can store and play an extensive library of music, games and mobile video files.

For as little as $2.99 a month plus usage charges, AT&T Wireless customers can add mMode and get dozens of ways to stay connected to the people and things they care about. With mMode they can check the latest news or sports scores, send e-mail messages to friends, get driving directions to places of interest, purchase music or play a Kung Fu game, among many other possibilities. The Motorola MPx200 is expected to be available nationally through AT&T Wireless retail and business sales channels in the fourth quarter. Additional details about pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.