Yenra : Telephone : Mobile Landline Integration : Device enables users to receive and place cell phone calls from their landline phone

Xcelis Pantheon

Routing calls to and from your cell phone and your landline phone . . . for convenience and to take advantage of different services and deals throughout the day.

Xcelis Communications today announced licensing availability of Pantheon, a device which enables users to access both their cellular and landline service from their home telephone. Pantheon eliminates the need to manage multiple phones and allows users to take better advantage of cellular calling plans.

Pantheon offers a more comprehensive solution than "call forwarding" technologies currently trying to solve the mobile to landline disconnect. Using Bluetooth connectivity, Pantheon routes outgoing and incoming calls from the user's cellular phone to their traditional phone. By using Bluetooth, Pantheon eliminates the hassle of using a cradle -- an enormous advantage over the cradle-based solutions currently in the market.

Pantheon is also the only product that requires a one-line telephone to manage incoming cellular and landline calls; a distinctive ring tells the user which line is ringing. Competing products require users to have a two-line telephone to access cellular and landline calls. Additionally, when a user wants to dial out, Pantheon provides a call-by-call option to place outgoing calls through their cellular or landline service, better managing their telecommunications costs.

"We are delighted to introduce the market's first cradle-less device. Pantheon offers convenience, comfort and cost savings to millions of consumers who must constantly juggle phones," said Tim Reese, COO of Xcelis.

The Pantheon product is based on Xcelis' unique UNUM Architecture, a cost-effective worldwide compliant communications system capable of integrating voice, data, IP, fax, cellular and video on a single platform. The UNUM Architecture enables Xcelis to create innovative products and services that provide access to multiple data services to home/office telephones worldwide and offer manufacturers the ability to bring valuable new or revitalized products to market quickly.

Xcelis plans to license the Pantheon solution to cordless phone manufacturers and wireless service providers as a natural complement to existing telecommunications products.

"As an enhancement to existing products or as a stand-alone offering, Pantheon is an exciting complement to the products offered by cordless phone manufacturers and mobile service providers," added Reese. "The introduction of our Pantheon device is an important and real first step in the converging of communication devices in the home and office."

Xcelis Communications develops and licenses innovative products that integrate communications services and devices. The company's patent pending UNUM Architecture is a cost- effective worldwide compliant communications system capable of integrating voice, data, IP, fax, cellular and video on a single platform enabling manufacturers to quickly bring valuable new or revitalized products to market. Pantheon is the first solution to be developed on the UNUM Architecture.