Yenra : 3G : Mobile Java : Enhanced content and secure communications for 3G handsets based on wireless industry technology standards


Sun and Vodafone are cooperating to define a next-generation Java technology-based platform for Vodafone live! 3G services. Called Vodafone VFX, the new platform will help Vodafone monetize data services and deliver a rich, secure communications experience to usher in a more exciting, more connected mobile world.

"Vodafone has a vision of a mobile future that will enrich people's daily lives. To deliver on this vision and delight our customers, we selected Java as our core platform and Sun as the prime vendor to help us build and execute our strategy," said Guy Laurence, Global Marketing Director at Vodafone Global Products and Content Services. "Working with Sun, we aim to speed development of enhanced 3G services while leveraging the wealth of existing content and large Java developer base."

The Vodafone VFX platform will be based on the Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI) technology specification together with other third-party technologies. To deliver a complete solution to application developers and handset manufacturers, Vodafone has selected the Java 2 Standard Micro Edition Wireless Toolkit to simplify application development for developers and the Java Device Test Suite to ensure high-quality handset implementation.

"With a clear roadmap and technology specification for Vodafone's mobile data services platform, 3G content developers and handset manufacturers will be able to increase cost efficiency and reduce development time. And that's crucial in a rapidly expanding market," said Alan Brenner, vice president, Consumer and Mobile Systems Group at Sun. "With over 7.5 million Vodafone live! customers as of March 31, 2004, Vodafone has already proven how eager the mobile marketplace is for cost-effective, high-quality, innovative services. The Vodafone VFX project is an excellent opportunity for Sun to deepen our relationship with this industry leader and make mobile communications even more exciting in the future."

The introduction of Vodafone VFX devices is expected to take the Vodafone live! experience to a new level with further enhancements to their customer experience. This will make access to a wide selection of handsets and mobile content even more critical and is one reason why Vodafone selected Sun to define and build its mobile data technology platform.

Vodafone's multimedia consumer service, Vodafone live!, has been launched in 20 countries since it was first introduced in October 2002 to offer customers picture messaging, mobile Java-technology games, polyphonic ring tones and exclusive content from leading entertainment brands.

Vodafone Live provides mobile color communication, bringing news, information, e-mail, chat, location-based services, games and shopping to customers' mobile devices.

Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010.