Yenra : Telephone : Mobile IP : Intelligent client with CDMA support


Birdstep Technology today announced a new release of its Mobile IP Client (MIP), which fully supports the CDMA2000 standard that is now being deployed in America, Asia and part of Europe. With this release, the Birdstep solution is positioned to offer seamless mobility in this emerging environment and to infrastructure vendors supplying the CDMA to the market, in addition to the GSM/GPRS/UMTS technologies.

The new version of Birdstep Technology's Mobile IP Client, version 2.1, is available to customers starting November 2003. The new Mobile IP Client positions Birdstep Technology to take part in the rapidly evolving market of third generation networks.

Birdstep Technology's new Mobile IP Client enables the mobile operators to provide a competitive service differentiator to users, giving them a competitive edge. Infrastructure vendors that offer CDMA2000 support want to help operators offer wire line equivalent services and the ability to move seamlessly between networks with enterprise-level security. With this release, Birdstep Technology's solution helps such infrastructure vendors provide a substantial part of this offering.

By including CDMA support in its MIP Client, Birdstep strengthens its position in North America and Asia Pacific, where deployment of Public Hot Spots, in combination with wide area networks, is rolling out aggressively. Birdstep Technology is targeting the CDMA MIP client to be offered by CDMA operators, through infrastructure partners and connectivity manager vendors.

Birdstep and PCTEL announced a combined connectivity manager and MIP client July 2nd as the first step in this strategy.

Birdstep Technology's small footprint, high performance database technologies combined with its wireless roaming and access software enables companies to build innovative solutions for embedded systems and the Mobile Internet.