Yenra : Telephone : Mobile Antennas : Fractal antennas are low profile and rugged


Fractal Antenna Systems today announced it has shipped embedded antennas for Pelican Mobile's new EZ-Roam wireless LAN extender product. The ultra-low profile fractal antenna design has superior performance and is mechanically ruggedized for law enforcement, homeland security, public safety, and utilities.

Pelican Mobile sells the antenna together with its complete Panasonic Toughbook line. Already, Pelican Mobiles's new EZ-Roam product has received strong reviews by police departments in Sacramento, Baltimore and Honolulu. In independent testing, the antenna received high marks for its superior performance relative to traditional 'hockey puck' style antennas, with its higher gain and better azimuthal coverage.

The EZ-Roam antenna solution is the first of a line of robust antennas, including an additional 2.4 GHz model that bundles GPS reception and a dual-band CDMA model. "Pelican Mobile has been a very effective product development and distribution partner and we are very pleased with the success of this first joint effort" said Eric Pritchett, Director of Business Development at Fractal. Pritchett explained that the company's patented fractal element antenna technology, which employs the novel electrical properties of fractal geometry to make high-gain, sub-wavelength embedded antennas, is a natural choice for products requiring the best trade-off between size, form factor and performance. "We are pleased to disclose yet another example, where our fractal technology provides not an equivalent performer, but the best one out there", added Pritchett.

According to David Moschella, Fractal's CEO, the shipment is representative of the general increase in the firm's recent business volume and its commitment to rapid turn around. "We are excited about this growth of our commercial business, particularly as we continue to focus on the key markets like telematics and auto applications where the Fractal Advantage has an immediate impact", explained Moschella.

Fractal Antenna Systems develops and commercializes solutions with the Fractal Advantage: fractal antennas and related innovations in wireless, electromagnetics, RFID, electronics, and evolutionary computation.

Pelican Mobile develops and installs ruggedized mobile computing solutions for law enforcement, public safety, and utilities.