Yenra : Manufacturing : DSP Vibration Data Acquisition : Eight sensor inputs for real-time accurate noise, acoustics, sonar, and accelerometer measurements


A new real-time DSP data acquisition sleek box from Data Translation is capable of accepting eight simultaneous IEPE sensor inputs. The DT9841-VIB is the latest addition to the Fulcrum II Series of DSP data acquisition products for USB 2.0. The measurement tool provides excitation, signal conditioning, and anti-aliasing filtering for real-time high accuracy IEPE sensor values.

President Fred Molinari explained that the board is "ideal for applications requiring piezoelectric accelerometer readings such as automotive test, acoustics, sonar, and rotating machinery. This system combines the real-time processing power of the 32-bit DSP chip with high performance analog and digital functions."

The board contains eight, simultaneous 24-bit sigma-delta analog input channels with a sampling rate of 100 kHz per channel. In addition, two, 24-bit deglitched waveform analog output channels control a shaker table and stimulate systems under test, 16 digital I/O lines control and monitor, and three 32-bit counter/timers provide highly accurate timing functions.

Subsystems can be run simultaneously and monitored in real-time with an on-board 32-bit floating point processor. With sampling rates up to 100 kHz per channel and uninterrupted data transfer, the board supports real-time operations.

The sleek box supports the following software programmable IEPE functions for each of its eight analog inputs: Enable or disable the use of a 4 mA current source. Select whether AC coupling or DC coupling is used. Enable or disable the use of the 2-pole, 10 kHz, Butterworth filter.

Host and DSP communication libraries ship with the board and are compatible with TI Code Composer Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio providing access to on-board real-time functions and communication to/from the PC. Ready-to-measure example application programs exercise every board function. The system is supported by Vibrant Technology's ME'scope program for post-processing and analysis of acoustic and vibration test data.