Yenra : Manufacturing : 3D PLM Software : Widescreen multimedia notebook with roll cage technology designed with product lifecycle management analysis tools


Lenovo's first widescreen multimedia notebook was designed with CATIA V5 product design software from Dassault Systemes.

The ThinkPad development team uses CATIA to help with the design process for ThinkPad systems. CATIA V5's design and analysis capabilities were key to the development and enabled Lenovo to bring the model to market faster.

The ThinkPad Z60 was designed for mobile and small business users. It features a new inner armor chassis that reduces the amount of stress on internal components when the notebook is dropped. The internal components, including the hard disk drive, are mounted in a one-piece magnesium cage that forms a more protective shell than traditional casings without affecting usability.

"The Lenovo team needed sophisticated design tools to help us model this unique component," said Steve Ward of Lenovo. "CATIA V5's design and analysis capabilities provided our team with the precision we needed."

"The CATIA portfolio's leadership is again reconfirmed by Lenovo's successful use of CATIA V5," said Joel Lemke of Dassault Systemes. "A ThinkPad user can be secure, knowing that their critical data is safe inside a reliable, durable ThinkPad Z60 designed in the industry's leading innovation and design software."

Dassault Systemes develops and markets product lifecycle management application software and services that support industrial processes and provide a 3D vision of product development.