Yenra : Manufacturing : Microelectronics Filtration : Total Fluid Management improves performance, productivity, and yield in high-volume semiconductor etch processes


Pall's new products for lithography, gas purification, and chemical applications are set to improve the economics of integrated circuit and display manufacturing.

The Total Fluid Management (TFM) brings together the Pall's filtration and separations materials and scientific services capabilities. With TFM, Pall provides both products and services that support the industry's needs from the incoming raw materials to the outgoing waste streams and the key steps in between. By managing microelectronics filtration as a single, integrated system, customers can realize greater consistency, with higher yields, reliable product quality and less waste in their semiconductor manufacturing processes.

"Today's Pall is more than a supplier of filters. Total Fluid Management is changing the way our industry approaches filtration of critical semiconductor manufacturing processes," said Steve Chisolm of Pall Microelectronics. "By looking at the totality of process needs -- and drawing on our deep pool of capabilities -- we help customers reach their manufacturing goals faster than ever before."

Three new filters are based on Pall's proprietary asymmetric nanoporous membrane material that gives users a patented technology to filter impurities below 50nm while maintaining exceptional flow rates.

Asymmetric P-Nylon Filter extends Pall's 0.02-micron filtration to a broader range of lithography chemistries, including 193nm and 248nm photoresists.

The new filter builds on Pall's standard, 0.02-micron-rated P-Nylon filter, which is proven to significantly reduce defects in bottom anti-reflective coating and 193 nm photoresist chemistries.

Ultipleat CET Filter increases flow rates up to 30 percent over conventional filters for copper plating processes. This filter is the latest addition to Pall's growing family of Copper Electroplating Technology filters.

Ultipleat ME Filter increases flow rates nearly 50 percent over conventional filters to improve performance, productivity and yield in high-volume semiconductor etch processes.

Pall has introduced two new gas purification technologies.

Gaskleen-SP purifier assembly is a purification technology designed to protect zirconium oxide sensors used in oxygen analyzers. It reduces the number of analyzer calibrations required, boosting productivity in key emerging semiconductor processes, such as low-temperature rapid thermal processing.

AresKleen FCP point-of-use medium purifies fluorocarbon semiconductor process gases to sub-part per billion levels, helping to improve manufacturing yields in IC devices with features as small as 65nm.

Pall develops filtration, separations, and purification technologies for the microelectronics industry.