Magic Sketch Liquid Crystal Screen Write Like Paper Trace, Doodle, Draw - Yenra

Magic Sketch

With Magic Sketch, now there's a new way to trace, doodle, draw. Liquid crystal screen that writes just like pen on paper and erases with the touch of a button. The screen is see through so you can trace. Younger kids can learn math and practice their ABC's. Older kids can use tracing stencils for advanced art - or for games. Games include Tic Tac Toe, Maze, Word Find, and Dots and Boxes. Deluxe kit. 4 styluses, 4 stamps, 1 roller, and 60 stencils.

It lasts a long time; you don't have to charge it. The battery lasts for over seven years. It comes with a protective case. They styluses have different edge shapes for drawing different patterns. Magic Sketch is a water-resistant alternative to a tablet.

From the makers of Boogie Board.