Yenra : Manufacturing : Nano Lithography : High-resolution imprint system provides fully automated wafer handling and integrated magnification control


The Imprio 250 imprint lithography system from Molecular Imprints is a nano-imprint system that offers sub-50 nm half-pitch resolution, sub-10 nm alignment, and integrated magnification control. The system delivers high resolution and precision alignment for customers seeking cost-effective sub-50 nm lithography.

This advanced tool is built to semiconductor industry standards around a core platform using Step and Flash Imprint Lithography (S-FIL) technology. The Imprio 250 includes fully automated wafer handling (up to 300 mm) and automated template loading capability. The tool has a novel, in-liquid alignment and magnification control system for precision overlay for advanced lithography applications.

Norm Schumaker of MII said: "The Imprio 250 was designed and engineered in close cooperation with our expanding customer base who need the advantages of S-FIL technology in the production of their devices and components. The Imprio 250 is an important step in our plans to make S-FIL the technology of choice for patterning features below 100nm."

Molecular Imprints develops and manufactures nano-lithography systems for high resolution and for 3D pattern replication.