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Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower

Create a kingdom of your very own with the Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower. In this fun set, uild and re-build your own fantasy world using plastic molds and Kinetic Sand – the moldable sand that flows through your fingers.

Comes with:

Each Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower set comes with plastic molds for a warrior princess, knight, bricks and cannonballs. Kids can pile sand into the molds to press and create characters to live in their kingdom. Using their imagination they can build, brick-by-brick, a beautiful castle, then defend it against enemies using their cannonballs and catapult.

Fight for the honor of your kingdom using the working catapult. Load a cannonball of Kinetic Sand into the holder, then press down and let it fly. Your cannonball will whoosh through the air. Once it lands, Kinetic Sand easily clumps together, so you can clean up and go again.

Playing with Kinetic Sand is a great way for toddlers to engage in tactile learning. Essential to child development, getting hands-on helps kids develop fine motor skills and cognitive functions. By squeezing, squishing and molding, kids learn how to process physical information from their surrounding environment.

To create a unicorn, dragon or treasure chest, press Kinetic Sand into the mold at the top of the tower. Then, pull the handle down 45 degrees and up again until you hear a click. Repeat a total of three times; open the castle door and your creation will be ready and waiting.