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iPod Speakers

New battery-powered portable speakers from Logitech are aimed at iPod users and the rapidly growing mobile music market.

The Logitech mm22 portable speakers work with any portable music player or notebook PC that features a 3.5 mm jack. Whether it's at the office or on the road, the one-piece system gives digital music lovers the freedom to listen to their favorite tracks without wearing a headset -- and allows them to share their music out loud with a group of friends.

Logitech designed the speakers with portability, quality, and affordability in mind. The Logitech mm 22 portable speakers will be available for a suggested retail price of $79.99. The system includes a total of four neodymium micro drivers -- two on each side -- that produce rich, smooth sound with tremendous depth for their size.

"People everywhere are using portable audio players to listen to music, but one thing has been missing: the ability to listen to their collection out loud, without spending a fortune for high-quality sound," said Ray Weikel of Logitech. "Other portable speakers on the market are either very expensive, or sound like an old clock radio. Logitech developed the portable speakers to provide people with a compelling mid-range product that combines quality and an affordable price."

The Logitech speakers include three custom cradles to fit any size of hard drive-based iPod and many other portable music players. The speaker system can be used anywhere and anytime, because it can be powered by either batteries or the included AC adapter.