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Infrared Thermometer

Raytek is expanding and enhancing the MI family of infrared sensors with the release of the new MIH and enhanced versions of the very popular MID and MIC model non-contact infrared thermometers. The MI products will be shipping in November.

The new MIH model temperature sensor can be installed in environments up to 356 degrees Farhenheit with no costly air-cooling required, making it the hottest sensor in the industry. In addition, the MIH can withstand harsh chemical environments due to its tough Teflon cable.

Both the MID and MIC model sensors have been enhanced with halogen and silicon-free PUR cables, screws that are captured inside the sensor's box lid so they can't be lost, standard RS-232 communication interface, and a view port lid accessory that reduces the need for an external monitor. While the MID model can be installed in environments up to 185 degrees Farhenheit, the MIC sensor can handle environments as hot as 257 degrees Farhenheit, again without air-cooling. Both MIC and MIH sensors have additional calibration for increased accuracy.

In addition, an optional RS-485 interface allows up to 32 sensors to be networked on just two wires, reducing installation costs and facilitating the design of custom equipment. The MI models can also be seamlessly integrated into existing control equipment or OEM systems.

"The new higher ambient operating temperatures of the MIH and MIC sensors make them excellent for use with thermoforming, infrared and curing ovens, as well as in paint-booths and tobacco drying applications," said MI Product Manager Frank Schneider. "They are especially well-suited for thermoforming ovens because air-cooling interferes with temperature requirements and could contaminate products."

Industries such as paper mills, printing, converting and food processing are key target markets for the MI family of sensors, and the broad range of features and flexible hardware options available make them ideal for a broad range of applications

In addition to these benefits, all MI units have a full-feature set, including: