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Industrial Dust and Fume Collector

On October 17, 2017, Donaldson Company introduced the Packaged Downflo Evolution (DFEP) dust collector, a complete system for collecting industrial dust and fumes. The system includes a best-in-class Downflo Evolution dust collector from Donaldson Torit, preassembled and shipped with integrated electrical controls, motors and fans for easy installation and operation.

The DFEP was designed to meet rapid growth in the metal fabrication industry and offers facilities a convenient solution for protecting employees and property from dust hazards while maximizing production uptime. The powerful filtration system is available in four- and six-cartridge models, with additional models to be introduced over the coming months.

To develop the DFEP, Donaldson worked closely with global cutting and welding equipment manufacturers, who frequently bundle dust collectors with their products as a service to end users. The DFEP features a modern, aesthetically-pleasing design that complements state-of-the-art manufacturing environments. And, because the DFEP has a standard design worldwide, local orders can be conveniently sourced from Donaldson facilities nearest to the customer.

The filtration technology in the DFEP features horizontal cartridge filter elements placed above the airstream, allowing gravity to assist in removing dust-laden air. Along with pulse-jet cleaning, the down-flow action increases filtration capacity and reduces maintenance, which maximizes uptime.

See Donaldson Torit for more information.