Yenra : 3G : Indoor Wireless Coverage : Adaptive 3G-ready in-building solution for seamless connectivity of next generation voice and data applications


Third generation wireless technology promises wireless applications and the Internet at broadband speeds, including over-the-air streaming audio and video. However the same in-building coverage problems that plague first and second generation technologies also affect 3G because a strong signal is required for wireless voice and data applications to work reliably indoors. The Spot Cell products from Spotwave Wireless are 3G-ready, ensuring that the same adaptive, seamless indoor coverage is available to users of 3G networks.

The company's Spot Cell indoor coverage solutions support the evolution of CDMA (1X, EVDO) and GSM (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS) networks in a variety 3G carrier roll-outs across North America.

"While users will tolerate one bar of coverage for a voice call, they won't do the same for their data applications. We make sure they don't have to." said Bill Carlin of Spotwave Wireless. "We've been successful because we've consistently demonstrated our alignment with carrier goals of quality coverage and customer satisfaction, and our support for EV-DO for carriers like Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS, UMTS for carriers like Cingular, as well as other 3G technologies is a continuing validation that our product family is mapped into the evolution of the wireless network."

"The same factors that affect the ability to make and receive voice calls on a mobile phone directly affect actual throughput for wireless data applications," said Andrew Seybold of 3G Today. "Since the next generation digital standards of 3G mean higher bandwidth, to achieve advertised data rates indoors means having a strong wireless signal. Spotwave's solution is just what the market needs to address this type of coverage requirement."

As carriers have rolled out 3G networks in a variety of metro markets in North America, Spotwave has been engaged instep with successful deployments of Spot Cell solutions to enhance indoor coverage. Spotwave's adaptive coverage solutions enhance indoor coverage so that cell phones and wireless devices and applications work well in the places where they are being used more and more frequently.

Spotwave Wireless provides carrier-certified, adaptive indoor coverage solutions that seamlessly bring the outdoor signal inside - ensuring that cell phones and wireless devices work reliably indoors where they are being used more often.