Yenra : Manufacturing : Immersive Modeling : 3D design with two-handed interface that enables freeform CAD showing simultaneous environment changes

Immersive Modeling

Digital ArtForms has released InDex-for-Maya, a powerful immersive Maya plug-in that adds expressive freeform modeling and powerful CAD capabilities to Maya's toolset. Users model shapes with Maya's built-in tools, pick up a pair of SpaceGrips, tracked button controllers, and reach right into their 3D scenes to model and visualize in ways impossible with a mouse and keyboard.

"Designers love to work this way," said Paul Mlyniec, president of Digital ArtForms, "but we understand that they have too great a commitment to their current tools and too great an investment in their data pipelines to abandon them. InDex-for-Maya gives them the best of both worlds, providing a truly 3D immersive window into Maya, and because it uses Maya's native export, data integrity is assured."

InDex-for-Maya's high-quality visuals, optional stereo, and support for virtually any display take advantage of the latest graphics features to deliver realistic worlds for design, review, and presentation. Artists and design engineers in all industries will benefit from InDex-for-Maya's natural and concrete style.

Digital ArtForms creates new applications and markets based on its natural two-handed interface. Other Digital ArtForms products include SmartScene Visualizer, an immersive collaborative visualization environment, and SmartScene Dev, an immersive application toolkit.