Yenra : 3G : Inverse Multiplexing over ATM : IMA devices for carrier-class CDMA2000 wireless base station controllers with transmission convergence


LG Electronics has chosen Mindspeed's 8-port CX28229 and 4-port CX28225 inverse multiplexing over ATM (IMA) devices for use in its STAREX-IS CDMA2000 wireless base transceiver station (BTS) and base station controller (BSC).

LG Electronics has a long history of supplying high-performance telecommunications infrastructure equipment for both wireline and wireless networks worldwide. LGE will use Mindspeed's IMA devices to transport traffic from the BTS to the BSC over multiple T1/E1 links.

"Mindspeed is a proven leader in ATM and IMA solutions," said J.P. Hong, senior research manager of the CDMA Network Division at LG Electronics. "Mindspeed's IMA devices enable us to deliver superior quality systems and allow our customers to build cost-effective wireless networks."

"We are proud that LG Electronics is utilizing our IMA devices in their latest CDMA2000 offering," said Taqi Mohiuddin, product line manager for Mindspeed. "Our field-proven IMA solutions will allow LGE to provide high-performance, scaleable solutions to meet different BTS to BSC transport bandwidth requirements."

Mindspeed's CX28229 and CX28225 are general purpose IMA devices suitable for both DSL and T1/E1 applications. By integrating the transmission convergence function, the devices can provide Utopia 2 or serial line connectivity to T1/E1 framers and DSL transceivers. Combine this with Mindspeed's IMA software driver for a simple, fast way to add IMA to any system.

With the recent introduction of 32- and 16-port IMA products, Mindspeed's family of IMA devices can support applications ranging from 2- to 32-ports with a single-chip solution. Mindspeed's IMA solutions are ideal for a wide range of networking systems, including access concentrators, digital subscriber loop access multiplexers (DSLAMs), integrated access devices (IADs), DSL modems, third generation (3G) wireless base stations, multi-service platforms, T1/E1 line cards, and DSL line cards.