10 Hydraulic Hose Applications - Yenra

Crucial for transferring hydraulic fluid in industrial, automotive, and construction equipment, hydraulic hoses provide the power and flexibility necessary for diverse and safe operations.

1. Construction Machinery

Hydraulic hoses are widely used in construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes to operate hydraulic systems that move heavy loads and perform precise tasks.

Construction Machinery
Construction Machinery: A bustling construction site with a towering crane lifting heavy materials. Close-up on the crane's arm, where durable hydraulic hoses connect to the lifting mechanism, pulsing with the hydraulic fluid that powers the crane's precise movements.

2. Agricultural Equipment

In agriculture, hydraulic hoses power machinery like tractors, combines, and plows, enabling them to perform a variety of tasks from planting to harvesting.

Agricultural Equipment
Agricultural Equipment: A sprawling, green farmland with a tractor plowing the fields at sunrise. Zoom in on the tractor's undercarriage, showing hydraulic hoses connecting the engine to the plow, enabling it to turn over soil with ease.

3. Automotive Industry

They are used in automotive hydraulic systems, including power steering systems, brake lines, and clutch systems, allowing for smooth operation and control of vehicles.

Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry: A mechanic working under a lifted car in a well-lit garage, installing a new hydraulic brake hose. The focus is on the hands of the mechanic as they securely connect the hose to the brake caliper, ensuring the vehicle's safety and performance.

4. Manufacturing Equipment

Hydraulic hoses power a range of manufacturing machinery, including presses, injection molding machines, and conveyor systems, facilitating the production and assembly of goods.

Manufacturing Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment: Inside a factory, an industrial press molds metal parts. A network of hydraulic hoses is visible along the machine, channeling high-pressure fluid to power the press, with sparks flying as metal is shaped.

5. Aerospace and Aviation

In the aerospace industry, hydraulic hoses are used in aircraft and spacecraft for systems like landing gear, flight control surfaces, and brakes, where reliable hydraulic power is critical.

Aerospace and Aviation
Aerospace and Aviation: On an airport tarmac, a close view of an aircraft's landing gear as it retracts after takeoff. Hydraulic hoses are highlighted, showcasing their role in operating the complex mechanism smoothly and reliably.

6. Marine Applications

Ships and boats use hydraulic hoses in steering systems, stabilizers, and hatch covers, as well as in loading and unloading equipment.

Marine Applications
Marine Applications: A detailed view of a ship's steering gear room, where thick hydraulic hoses connect to the steering mechanisms, illustrating the power behind the rudder's precise movements in open sea conditions.

7. Mining Industry

Hydraulic hoses are essential in mining equipment, such as drills, excavators, and loaders, to handle the tough conditions and heavy-duty operations of mining environments.

Mining Industry
Mining Industry: Deep underground in a mine, a hydraulic excavator chews through rock. Focus on the hydraulic arm where hoses supply the power, enabling the machine's bucket to break through the earth with formidable strength.

8. Oil and Gas Industry

In oil and gas exploration and production, hydraulic hoses are used in drilling rigs, cranes, and pumps, facilitating the extraction and processing of oil and gas.

Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and Gas Industry: On an offshore oil rig, hydraulic hoses are seen running along the drilling platform. They connect to the drill and the crane, essential for the rig's operations in extracting oil from beneath the ocean floor.

9. Renewable Energy

They are employed in renewable energy installations, such as in hydraulic systems of wind turbines, where they help adjust blade angles and operate brakes.

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy: At the base of a towering wind turbine, hydraulic hoses are shown inside the mechanism controlling the blades' angles. The image captures the moment the blades adjust to catch the wind, powered by the fluid coursing through the hoses.

10. Entertainment Industry

Hydraulic hoses are used in animatronics and special effects equipment for movies, theme parks, and stage productions, enabling dynamic and precise movements.

Entertainment Industry
Entertainment Industry: Behind the scenes of a movie set, showcasing an animatronic dinosaur roaring at the camera. The focus is on the hydraulic hoses attached to the dinosaur, enabling it to move with lifelike precision for a thrilling scene.

High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Introduced in 2017

High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

On October 9, 2017, Parker Hannifin introduced the 187 Hose, a 7MPa / 1000 psi constant working pressure hose. 187 Hose is designed to provide maximum performance, flexibility, and hose life in demanding hydraulic applications across a variety of markets. As the only 1000 psi constant working pressure hose on the market, 187 Hose is a revolutionary product made to meet the needs of evolving higher pressure hydraulic systems, including rigorous mining applications.

The addition of 187 Hose to GlobalCore expands our range of high-performance ISO 18752 hoses to cover the most critical sizes, from -4 (1/4") through -48 (3"), and pressure ranges, from 1,000 psi to 6,000 psi. Having a constant working pressure hose means simplified hose selection, specification by pressure, not construction, and improved uptime and productivity. Converting from various product lines to a singular hose family that provides constant working pressure across sizes leads to reduced inventories, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced downtime for OEMs and end users.

Designed to meet the most common working pressures in today's industries, GlobalCore's unified system delivers hoses built to the ISO 18752 specification, which was developed around hose specification and consumer needs – by pressure range rather than construction. With the addition of 187 Hose, Parker's comprehensive GlobalCore system has expanded to support your hydraulic hose needs regardless of where your equipment was originally manufactured or where it is today.