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POV camera yields 520 TV lines of broadcast quality video, multiple lens options, quick connect cables, and cabling options

Helmet Cam

The Adventure Cam 3 affords users the same point-of-view capabilities as seen on The Rebel Billionaire and MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

Viosport's helmet cam is an evolution of Viosport's ultra-popular Adventure Cam II. The Viosport system include 520 TV line resolution, multiple lens options, quick connect cables, and several cabling choices. Five levels of neutral density filters are available. The camera weighs in at less than four ounces. A coiled cable provides strain relief and keeps cord slack in check.

Tim Zimmerman of High Octane TV said "your camera rocks. I mounted it to a snowmobile and it worked great. We were all very pleased with the quality of the construction as well as the picture. I will definitely recommend your POV unit to others in the industry every chance I get."

Xavier Serrano of MTV said "the Viosport system allowed us to transfer cameras quickly and grab the great shots. This simplicity is key during the chaos of an on-location shoot."

Adventure Cam 3 systems start at $295.95.

Viosport develops POV camera technology.