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24 hour 1080i high definition programming in a consistent 16:9 wide-screen format with superb Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

Family Watching Educational Programs Together
Family Watching Educational Programs Together: Visualize a family, including young children, parents, and possibly an older sibling, watching educational programs together. They're sitting in a bright, comfortable living room. The children are showing curiosity and excitement, asking questions, and the parents are engaging with them, explaining and discussing the content. The TV screen shows a colorful and informative educational program.

DirecTV will begin to provide customers with the high-definition feed of TNT. The service will be on channel 75 beginning February 17. The feed will offer customers a wide range of dramatic programming in HDTV format, including sports such as live NBA games and NASCAR races, series, movies, and TNT Originals.

TNT in HD will be available as part of the DirecTV HD package, which currently includes ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet, HDNet Movies and Universal HD. In addition to the HD Package, DirecTV customers with HD-enabled equipment can also receive HBO HDTV and SHO HD as part of their premium package subscriptions, as well as HD Pay Per View movies and local HD in select markets.

"We are pleased to partner with DirecTV to further expand its robust HDTV package and enhance its customers' viewing experience with the addition of TNT in HD's extensive collection of top-rated content," said Turner Network's Coleman Breland.

"DirecTV understands the importance of offering our customers quality HD programming and we are excited to be partnering with TNT to deliver an even better HD experience," said Dan Fawcett of DirecTV.

TNT in HD is broadcast in 1080i 24 hours a day and uses Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. TNT in HD presents all of its programming, including promotional content and commercials, in 16:9 wide-screen, giving viewers a consistent viewing experience.