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Graduate gemologist diploma training program to become a buyer, appraiser, retailer, or senior professional in the jewelry industry


For those in the greater Los Angeles area who want to launch a new career in the jewelry profession, the excitement of gems and jewelry can lead you on a glamorous and exciting career path. The Gemological Institute of America's Graduate Gemologist diploma is the essential first step, and classes in the renowned program begin May 20 at the Institute's recently relocated Los Angeles branch.

In the gemology diploma program, students learn to grade and identify diamonds and other gems from the creators of the International Diamond Grading System. Graduates can advance into positions such as a buyer, appraiser, retailer, and senior professional in the jewelry industry.

Studying on campus at the beautiful new Los Angeles branch offers the perfect opportunity to gain the education needed to succeed in the jewelry industry. Besides hands-on training from experts, with the opportunity to grade real diamonds and other gemstones using gemological equipment, one of the key benefits of attending the On Campus program is meeting and networking with influential industry leaders and fellow students who become lifetime colleagues.

Kevin Magner came to the Los Angeles branch in 2003 after deciding to work toward starting his own international jewelry business. "I wanted to learn directly from the experts. And I'm not the only one," he said. "My classmates came from all over the world -- the prestige of a GIA diploma is international."

After learning and networking at GIA Los Angeles, Magner is well on his way to accomplishing his dream. He currently heads the wholesale distribution for an Italian designer in New York City.

Established in 1931, GIA is known to many as "the Harvard of the gem and jewelry industry," and the professional credentials GIA graduates have earned are revered worldwide.

"The knowledge and education you gain at GIA is instrumental in launching a start in the gem and jewelry world," said GIA Education Vice President Brook Ellis. "And when employers or members of the public see the Institute's internationally respected G.G. designation at the end of your name, it reassures them that your education is backed by the most trusted nonprofit gem and jewelry authority in the world."

The Gemological Institute of America provides research, education, gemological laboratory services, and instrument development.