Yenra : Manufacturing : FLOOPS : FLorida Object Oriented Process Simulator : Flexible, multidimensional, process modeling environment


Integrated Systems Engineering (ISE) today announced the release of FLOOPS-ISE, the commercialized version of the FLorida Object Oriented Process Simulator. FLOOPS-ISE is a highly flexible, multidimensional, process modeling environment based on the research software originally developed by Professor Mark Law and his staff at the University of Florida. ISE has introduced many new features to the original FLOOPS version and has created a stable and reliable process simulator for industrial applications.

"For many years, FLOOPS has been a popular and successful research tool especially for diffusion modeling. It is widely used in universities and the semiconductor industry," said Professor Mark Law. "With the recent enhancements made by the ISE development team, FLOOPS has become a complete, next generation process simulator. I am excited to be part of its commercialization."

ISE's extensive enhancements to FLOOPS have transformed it from a broadly used research tool into a fast and robust industrial software product. The new features include fast and accurate etching and deposition based on the level set method, Monte Carlo implantation based on Crystal-TRIM, ISE Advanced Calibration implantation tables, analytic implantation and damage models, a state-of-the-art hierarchy of diffusion models, and high quality anisotropic grids. The ISE high-speed solvers contribute to the excellent performance and robustness of FLOOPS-ISE.

"The versatile scripting language Alagator adds a new dimension to FLOOPS-ISE," said Dr. Mark Johnson, Manager of Process Simulation Development at ISE. "Alagator enables FLOOPS-ISE to keep up with the fast pace of technology development." Alagator, an extension of the tool command language (Tcl), is optimized for easy and concise definitions of partial differential equations. Alagator is valued in the research community as an efficient vehicle for developing new models, for example, for diffusion, oxidation, and new species. Companies will gain a competitive edge by using the latest proprietary models in their TCAD-supported technology development process or by transferring the latest models from the research community without a time delay.

Through its modern software architecture and Alagator programmability, FLOOPS-ISE is the ideal tool for process calibration. By introducing the 'callback' concept, FLOOPS-ISE allows users to perform calibration adjustments of models and parameters by invoking callback procedures before and after each processing step. ISE provides an Advanced Calibration module for FLOOPS-ISE, which ensures accurate results for standard processes. In addition, this module is a user-friendly starting point for custom calibration work, which can be performed by customers or the ISE Calibration Service. The calibration module consists of a single calibration file, which can be easily distributed and used by less experienced users. Furthermore, templates for the simulation of advanced processes and devices make the setting up of simulation projects easy and fast.

"FLOOPS-ISE is the next generation process simulator that provides a complete and highly flexible multidimensional process modeling environment for industrial applications," said Professor Wolfgang Fichtner, Founder and CEO of ISE. "With its modern software architecture, FLOOPS-ISE constitutes a new generation tool and a solid base for future developments in process simulation. Calibrated to a wide range of the latest experimental data using ISE's well-proven calibration methodology, FLOOPS-ISE offers unique predictive capabilities for modern silicon and non silicon technologies."