Yenra : Manufacturing : Fireproof Composite Materials : Goodrich Military Composite Material Technology Adopted for Commercial Application

Goodrich Corporation has developed a new composite material technology with fireproof qualities. The material, called the FyreRoc system, was originally created for use in the manufacturing of composite products for military applications such as bulkheads and watertight hatches for naval ships.

The FyreRoc material was developed by the company's Engineered Polymer Products division in Jacksonville, Florida. FyreRoc materials are partly composed of an inorganic resin that will not ignite. It will not produce smoke or toxic fumes, or generate heat. The FyreRoc material is compatible with a variety of reinforcements including stainless steel, carbon and glass. The combination of FyreRoc resin and reinforcements can be used in a myriad of industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

In its first non-military use, it has enabled a door manufacturer to successfully pass a demanding 90-minute direct flame and water pressure test of its Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) line of commercial doors. The FyreRoc material system, which was bonded in place between two MDF face sheets, was the key element that allowed the door to pass the test.

Goodrich Corporation's Engineered Polymer Products division specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing, testing and servicing acoustic and structural composite products. The division's technology is in use in both military and commercial applications.