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Extreme Performance RC Skateboard

Extreme Performance RC Skateboard - XPV RC Skateboard - Are you up for the challenge? Its insane speed will torch the competition. The pistol grip remote can pull off some crazy stunts that will rock your world. You can do power slides, radical rollovers, and insane jumps. Are you ready to see how extreme you can get?

The XPV Extreme Performance RC Skateboard is an innovative, new RC vehicle designed for high levels of speed and real skateboard stunts. It comes ready to run and includes everything you need to start shredding right out of the box. With a top speed of 14 miles per hour this RC skateboard has the velocity you need for extreme performance. You can even harness the extreme speed from up to 100 feet away with the 2.4 GHz trigger action controller. Because this RC vehicle is designed like a skateboard, you can do a variety of incredible stunts with it. Drive it off jumps to see how high and far you can go. Hit top speed and twist the steering knob to do radical power slides. Take it to the skatepark for even more stunt options like gnarly grinds and launches over transitions. If you wipeout from going too fast, or from too gnarly of a stunt, the included roll bar quickly puts the skateboard back into driving position. This RC skateboard has some incredible tech specs as well. The included 8.4 volt NiMH battery is rechargeable and supports the extreme performance of the skateboard. With the USB charging system and included cable, you can recharge when on-the-go. You can even customize the rechargeable battery and tires with hobby-grade parts.