Enchantimals Loveable Girls Special Friendship Animal Besties


Enchantimals – Loveable Girls and their Animal Besties – Meet Felicity Fox and her Bestie Flick. Patter Peacock and Flap. Bree Bunny and Twist. Share the special friendship between girls and their besties.

To be enchanted is to be captivated, charmed, or delighted by the whimsical vagaries of nature and dreams. Dolls can help promote an active imagination which fosters imaginary friends as well as real ones. Animals can be there with you when your real-world friends have gone away.

These six adorable six-inch Dolls and their six animal friends are inspired by the world of Enchantimals, a fantastical place nestled in nature. Lorna Lamb Doll and her lamb friend Flag and Merit Monkey Doll and her monkey friend Compass Each of the six-inch Dolls has rooted hair, animal-inspired ears and themed headpieces. Each also wears a colorful outfit with bright colors, floral prints, furry touches and matching shoes, Fun touches add whimsy to each character, like pretty colored hair, animal facial features and unique accents. A fox tail and fox ears for Felicity Fox Doll, black and white hair and a furry black and white tail for Sage Skunk Doll and monkey ears and a monkey tail for Merit Monkey Doll.

These adorable six-inch dolls and their animal friends are inspired by the world of Enchantimals, a fantastical place nestled in nature. The adventurous Felicity Fox doll comes with Flick fox figure — so cute with a flower in its hair and a furry tail. Felicity Fox doll wears a colorful outfit with a floral print on the removable skirt and flowers on her bodice. Fox heads decorate her red shoes, fox ears poke from her rooted brown hair, facial features are animal-inspired — she even has a furry tail. Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with these enchanted friends, and collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals.

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