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Escalate today announced its new Ecommerce Conversion program. Now retailers can rapidly switch operations of their online channels to Escalate's economical and highly efficient Ecommerce software while making the change transparent to customers.

With the Escalate solution, retailers can run sites for all their brands, sell specialty items, take multiple payment methods, redeem digital gift certificates, ship products to multiple addresses, offer a wish list, manage drop ship orders, and automatically handle backorders and pre-orders for customers. Merchants can even set up products and promotions that automatically go live for a limited time and then are removed from the site without additional intervention. Most importantly, Escalate Ecommerce has been optimized to provide a clean, efficient customer experience that promotes loyalty and minimizes lost demand.

Following the dot com boom, a number of companies lost their Ecommerce providers while others spent millions setting up their online channels and are now struggling with maintenance and uptime problems. These companies know they have to have an online presence, yet they need an affordable, fast way to continue online operations. Escalate Ecommerce has all the functionality of the expensive solutions and more, but without the long implementation cycles and high costs that hurt profits. Using the ASP model, retailers avoid the high cost of buying and maintaining hardware and software and pay for the solution out of the expense, not capital, budget.

"Our clients report a significant surge in online sales after using Escalate Ecommerce," said Keng Lim, President and CEO of Escalate. "One client saw a 50% improvement in sales and others nearly tripled their original sales expectations."

Under the Program, Escalate will convert a retailer's existing site 'look and feel,' and product catalog to its Ecommerce solution offered in an ASP (hosted) model in less than one month. Unlike other Ecommerce providers, Escalate's service uses one system to operate a retailer's multiple branded sites. In addition, retailers manage and present their product catalogs to be launched on predetermined dates and coordinate marketing and promotional activities, including gift with purchase. The solution is also fully internationalized.

Companies also have the option of purchasing Escalate Customer Order Management software, which synchronizes the order management process across multiple channels, while providing the tools for excellent customer service. For example, customers can purchase products online, then pick up products at the local store. The software is available either as a license or in a hosted (ASP) model. Together, Escalate's Ecommerce and Order Management solutions provide a powerful multi-brand, multi-channel system that is superior to anything available in the market today.