Yenra : Nutrition : Raw Crunch Diet : National fitness competitor Kathy Feldman developed organic plan based on an understanding of pure foods and science

Kathy Feldman

Kathy Feldman -- national fitness competitor, sports model, and personal trainer -- devoted herself to a search for a natural organic diet. From this research, Feldman developed The Raw Crunch Diet.

"It wasn't just for vanity's sake that I wrote this book," says Feldman, "my health was going down hill fast and I'd spent more time going the wrong route than the right."

Feldman developed the organic diet plan based on her understanding of pure foods and science. "It involves dietary and lifestyle changes that anyone can actually live with," she says, "no more counting calories, carbs, net carbs, fat grams, points, percentages, or precisely balanced meals. Eat anything you want for your dinner meal every day of your life."

The diet's other daily meals are made up of raw unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

"These elements of natural and organic foods are so nourishing and cleansing that anyone can enjoy this luxury, without all the guilt," Feldman states.

"You can run at optimal performance when eating my diet and your body will be fully nourished at the cellular level while reflecting a sleek physique on the outside and healthy hydrated skin."

"Kathy has done a tremendous job," says Nutritional Research Scientist Jameth Sheridan, "of creating an amazing diet plan that works. If you want to lose fat, get healthier and even eat in a way that is more compassionate and better for the planet, then The Raw Crunch Diet is for you."