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Healthy alternative to other low-calorie snacks comes in naturally portion-controlled package of eighty calories each

Oranges in Culinary Arts
Oranges in Culinary Arts: A scene showing a chef or baker using oranges in culinary creations, such as orange zest in baking or orange slices garnishing a dish. The focus is on the versatility of oranges in cooking and baking, enhancing flavors and adding a nutritional boost.
Family Enjoying Oranges at a Picnic
Family Enjoying Oranges at a Picnic: A heartwarming scene of a family enjoying oranges during an outdoor picnic. They could be peeling and sharing oranges, with a picnic basket and a natural, green park setting in the background, emphasizing oranges as a healthy and refreshing snack.
Orange Smoothie or Health Drink
Orange Smoothie or Health Drink: An image of a nutritious orange-based smoothie or health drink. Ingredients like orange segments, yogurt, and honey are visible in a blender or a glass, illustrating oranges as a key ingredient in healthy beverages.
Children Learning about Oranges
Children Learning about Oranges: A scene depicting children learning about oranges and their health benefits. They could be engaged in a fun educational activity, like a fruit-tasting session or a simple science experiment showing the benefits of vitamin C, highlighting the importance of including oranges in a healthy diet from a young age.
Oranges in a Market Setting
Oranges in a Market Setting: An image set in a farmer's market or grocery store where oranges are displayed for sale. The scene includes a variety of oranges, such as navel, Valencia, and blood oranges, highlighting the diversity of this fruit.
Fresh Orange Juice Preparation
Fresh Orange Juice Preparation: A scene depicting the preparation of fresh orange juice. The image shows a person hand-squeezing oranges with a juicer, with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice on the side. The scene includes a basket of ripe oranges and a sunny kitchen setting.
Oranges Growing on a Tree
Oranges Growing on a Tree: An image capturing vibrant oranges hanging from the branches of an orange tree. The scene focuses on the lush, green foliage and the bright, sunlit oranges, possibly with a backdrop of an orchard, symbolizing natural growth and freshness.
Healthy Citrus Salad with Oranges
Healthy Citrus Salad with Oranges: An image of a colorful citrus salad featuring orange slices. The salad includes mixed greens, nuts, and other citrus fruits, drizzled with a light dressing. The focus is on the vibrant colors and the freshness of the ingredients, highlighting oranges as a key component.
Oranges in Beauty and Wellness
Oranges in Beauty and Wellness: An image showcasing the use of oranges in natural beauty treatments or wellness routines. This could include a person applying a homemade orange face mask or soaking in a bath with orange slices, illustrating the fruit's benefits for skin health and relaxation.
Oranges and Fitness
Oranges and Fitness: A dynamic scene linking oranges to fitness and active lifestyles. It might feature an athlete or fitness enthusiast enjoying oranges or orange juice after a workout, emphasizing the fruit's role in hydration and post-exercise recovery.
Oranges in Festive Celebrations
Oranges in Festive Celebrations: An image capturing oranges used in festive or cultural celebrations, such as orange decorations during Lunar New Year or Christmas. This scene would reflect the cultural significance of oranges and their role in various traditions.
Still Life with Oranges
Still Life with Oranges: A classic still-life scene featuring a bowl of vibrant oranges, possibly accompanied by other fruits, on a rustic table. The image highlights the natural beauty and simplicity of oranges, evoking a sense of tranquility and wholesomeness.
Oranges and Sustainable Farming
Oranges and Sustainable Farming: An image showing sustainable practices in orange farming, such as organic cultivation or water conservation methods. The scene includes a farmer tending to orange trees in a way that emphasizes environmentally friendly agriculture.

OrangeThe latest trend in the battle of the bulge is packaging popular snacks in portion-controlled packets of 100 calories. Mother Nature figured out how to do this long ago. Sunkist oranges come in their own portion-controlled package of just 80 calories, and they're high in fiber and water, which contributes to the fullness factor -- a key strategy for weight loss because it helps prevent overeating.

Research shows that fibers found in the fuzzy white layer of an orange curb appetite and suppress hunger levels for up to four hours after eating. In addition, oranges offer a nutritional punch in a refreshingly juicy package. In fact, compared to other low-calorie snacks like pretzels or popcorn, oranges offer great taste, fewer calories, and more nutrients.

"Keeping healthy snacks in the house is a must," according to Dr. Naomi Neufeld. "It's much easier to make wise choices if healthy snacks, such as oranges, are available. I encourage people to enjoy whole fruit rather than juice, which has virtually no fiber. Whole oranges have the added benefit of providing vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting nutrients."

Citrus fruits are included in the dietary programs of some of the world's leading nutrition organizations.

Sunkist is a marketing cooperative owned by more than 6000 citrus growers harvesting oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.