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Key Solutions Programming Tips - generate unique document numbers - generate sequential document IDs - get the week ending date for a specific day - calculate the number of weekdays between two date fields - lookup Rich Text using @Db functions - look up Multiple Keywords using @Db functions - control whether the @Db Function returns a list - @Db NoCache parameter - total a column at the bottom of a view - create mailing labels in Notes? - execute DOS commands from a formula - convert a numerical value to the equivalent written text - signatures and sections in a form - display a button next to a field only when editing - avoid error messages with DBLookup - do a mail merge using info from existing documents - prevent a form from prompting to save it - send mail based on whether a field is modified - track who changed a critical field - prevent people from viewing with a different form and saving the result - insert a new line in a Rich Text field using a macro - write DbLookups so they work on a local database and on the server - find the elements which are unique to a list - update a field in response documents after it is changed in the parent document - change the title of a dialog box - change fields based on the state of a separate keyword field? - remove erased fields that keep appearing in the Add Fields window - force the value of a field to be unique - make a Computed For Display Rich Text Field - calculate the week number in a year of a given date - Tools\RefreshFields that was in Notes 3.x - LotusScript error "Notes Error: Special Database object cannot be located." - validate that a field has alpha characters only - notify the author of a document when a response has been composed? - inherit fields from parts of the same form - open a document in edit mode if it exists - save a document, then create a new document in its window - delete Environment variables from the notes.ini file - make a popup calendar in Notes - in what order do @Commands execute - launch a URL without using InterNotes - open a view in full screen mode from a Navigator - work around some of the size limitations in LotusScript programs - categorize and count the number of documents created in a particular week - NotesUIDocument.GetFieldText return the alias for a keyword selection - make a view to use for checking for replication conflicts - dynamically hide/unhide sections of a form - notify users when documents are modified or added to a database - operate on the currently selected documents in LotusScript - provide context-sensitive help for your database - create Names, Readers, Authors fields in LotusScript - use @Functions in LotusScript - use @UserName in a view - add more action buttons than fit on the display - use views from the Mail template in your own databases - display a number field with leading zeroes - From a response document, update a field in the parent document - How tell if a field has been changed in LotusScript - make dynamically sized tables - sum number fields which have not been edited and initialized - add a response's doclink to a parent document - launch an embedded object using LotusScript - How do I refresh a document's fields after one field is changed - debug into the QueryModeChange and QuerySave events in LotusScript - LotusScript operate on Private Views - How do your control an OLE-VBA object in LotusScript - remove an element from a Textlist field - automatically filter mail in Notes - dynamically select documents per user without using a ReaderNames field - go to the last document in a category using Lotuscript - do @MailSend in Lotuscript - put a popup calendar in a layout region - keep a running history of all entries in an RTF field - Why does @Explode only give me the first item - dynamically change the color of the form - retrieve a column total for a category - have an agent send mail as a specific person - sort and categorize a view based on months in chronological order - get the current access level of a user - create Shared Actions - have views based on the current user name - Why don't bitmaps display properly on some systems - select only Response documents in a view - hide the design of a database, but let the user see field names - copy all parts of a script from one form to another - Why doesn't my "If documents have been created or modified" agent execute immediately - monitor your own threads in a discussion database - look up all the people in a Group - implement exclusive locking across replicated databases - What HelpDesk products are available for Notes - Where can I get more information on Java access to Notes - lock a document that is being edited - show FTSearch documents with a specific view - open a Navigator using Lotuscript - add an Internet-style signature at the bottom of your mail messages - set the server to run agents on with a hidden database design - check if an RTF field is empty - log off a Notes user so you can force user revalidation - create a view action button that creates responses to only work on main documents - get the date for Easter of a given year - compare date/time fields using Lotuscript - sort a document collection - How do I make the "loser" of a replication/save conflict be the"winner" - do a data import/merge using Lotuscript - get the directory the current database is in - create response documents from a navigator hotspot - restrict a field to contain alphanumeric characters only - How can I see if the directory exists using LotusScript - get a filename from the user in Lotuscript - display documents created with a form using a layout region - run an Agent from LotusScript - prevent LotusScript errors when handling deletion stubs in document collections - generate a subset of list values based on the contents of another list - find out what Roles a user has in the current database - display progress to the user via LotusScript - How tell if a view is Private - automatically copy an ACL from a template into a new database - start a program in Notes and wait for it to finish - access Win32 registry keys in LotusScript - What are the Unix syntaxes for calling DLLs from LotusScript - reduce database size by deleting unused fields - open a Win32 File Dialog in LotusScript - keep doc.send() from crashing a background agent - access a specific element of a multi-value field - find the positions of a string in a text list - do @Explode in LotusScript - validate a credit card number - access the Clipboard in Notes - force the user to click an Edit action button to edit a document - use regular expressions for string matching - force a user to use a button to save a form - synchronize fields between documents created with two different forms - changes to a Rich Text field show up immediately - find the exact version number of Notes - return custom data types in LotusScript - automatically format phone numbers - convert a time field to display as military time