Yenra : Telephone : DMB Phone : Satellite multimedia slide and rotation telephone features high resolution color LCD, TV-out, MP3 player, and file viewer

DMB Phone

Samsung's satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) phone, the B200, boasts a horizontal screen that allows users to not only benefit from easier viewing of DMB services, but also to comfortably enjoy multimedia functions, such as photography and games. In addition, it is the first model to adopt Samsung's innovative slide and rotation form factor, where the screen slides up and rotates horizontally.

Its large capacity battery (1300mAh) allows users to continuously view the screen for more than three hours, resolving the battery-depletion problem that has plagued DMB phones. The B200 has a 2-megapixel camera, allowing users to enjoy photo quality that is as good as digital cameras. The versatile phone offers a variety of multimedia functions, including an MP3 player and video viewer. Users can also enjoy clear video reception through the phone's 260,000-color, 2.2-inch wide LCD screen.

The B200 provides a TV-out function, while supporting external memory and offering a file-viewing function that allows fingertip access to a variety of files, including Microsoft Word and Excel.

Samsung plans to release the B200 within the first half of this year. The company launched Korea's first satellite DMB phone, the B100, in January and has recently completed the development of a terrestrial DMB phone.