Yenra : Computers : Laptop Bags : Carbon fiber Kevlar reinforced composite materials, ballistics nylon, stainless steel hardware, and front cargo pockets

Laptop Bag

Chrome has been producing messenger bags for professional bicycle couriers for eleven years. The company has taken its extensive experience designing bags to withstand the rigors of the urban environment to develop a line of rugged laptop bags.

The design links together traditional features while providing innovative manufacturing techniques. Offering ballistic nylon or high tenacity Kevlar to create a completely different approach to laptop bags.

According to designer Mark Falvai, "Chrome has remained an industry leader by offering customers an option to step outside the traditional stale laptop brief and into a unique personal style, without sacrificing durability and comfort."

The laptop bags are constructed with carbon fiber and Kevlar reinforced composite materials as well as ballistics nylon, keeping your laptop safe and dry in any condition. The composite material was selected as a design element in the laptop bags for its high strength to weight ratio and innovative visual presence. Custom laser cut stainless steel hardware adds to the unique character.

Features include internal divider pockets, pen slots, padded laptop compartment, front cargo pockets, handle, and removable shoulder strap.

Chrome produces high quality bags and packs.