Yenra : Construction : Recycled Surfaces : Six designer products for green building applications certified to contain a minimum of forty percent post-industrial waste

Recycled Surfaces

The Avonite Surfaces Recycled Products Series has been certified to contain a minimum of 40% post-industrial waste by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). SCS certification is the top standard for environmental content and practices.

"Suppliers in this industry are a competitive group, and product characteristics including environmental claims can be exaggerated or misunderstood," said David Knowles of Aristech Acrylics. "Designers and their clients deserve an objective, third-party evaluation of products that is as comprehensive as SCS certification. This provides everyone in the industry with an understanding of environmental claims and a level of confidence in partners like Avonite Surfaces."

SCS conducted a rigorous evaluation of Avonite Surfaces that included a comprehensive audit of the company's claims, including site visits to manufacturing facilities to examine the process and interview plant personnel.

This recognition by SCS assures building and design professionals using Avonite Surfaces Recycled Product of the recycled content in order to achieve LEED certification and meet other green building guidelines, an increasingly critical measurement used in sustainable building.

"We pride ourselves on being a company who listens to the needs of the architectural and design community," said Knowles. "As a community, they have embraced our responsibility to provide recycled building materials that are also cost effective. Our SCS Certification gives designers confidence that Avonite Surfaces Recycled Products are the best countertop surfacing products for sustainable interior design."

Avonite Surfaces are countertop and vertical surfacing thermoformable and general purpose acrylic sheet and solid surface products.