Yenra : Telephone : Cell Phone Hard Drive : Samsung V5400 features MP3 player, microphone, camcorder, megapixel digital camera, and high resolution LCD display

Hard Disk Phone

Samsung Electronics unveiled the first-ever mobile phone with an internal hard disc drive. The company's latest innovation, which also comes with a megapixel camera, is currently being exhibited at a telecom conference.

The V5400 is equipped with a 1-inch diagonal, 1.5 GB hard disc drive that greatly expands the memory capacity of mobile phones from the conventional 100 MB maximum capacity. In addition, the phone boasts a high-resolution (QVGA) 2.2-inch liquid crystal display and includes features, such as MP3 player, electronic book, and language translation dictionaries. A powerful microphone enhances the camcorder function, while dual speakers provide a 3D sound effect.