Yenra : Telephone : cdma2000 1X : New CDMA wireless communication standard


Sicroelectronics (ST) and Texas Instruments (TI) have joined their complementary areas of proven expertise to create a flexible and open solution supporting the cdma2000 1X standard for wireless communications. Utilizing components from the wireless portfolios of both companies, the new cdma2000 1X solution provides a hardware and software platform that simplifies design and speeds time-to-market while reducing power consumption, component count, board space and bill of materials (BOM) costs for handset manufacturers.

The new solution offers an open-platform architecture that is unique among CDMA chipsets and combines features such as the industry's most advanced support for concurrent assisted global positioning system (A-GPS), along with high level integrated digital and analog ICs and direct conversion radio, providing manufacturers with the flexibility and choice to differentiate their products in the growing cdma2000 marketplace worldwide.

This complete system solution includes the digital baseband and radio frequency (RF) receiver and transmitter ICs supplied by TI, the integrated analog baseband and power management device supplied by ST, as well as TI's protocol stack, comprehensive set of embedded wireless services, applications, tools, and in-depth support. With support for digital still cameras (DSCs), color displays, polyphonic ring-tones and other popular add-on features, this highly-integrated hardware and software platform enables both voice-centric and feature-rich wireless handsets.

This solution is complemented by ST's Nomadik and TI's OMAP application processors for high-performance multimedia applications and support for advanced mobile operating systems such as Symbian OS, Microsoft's Windows Mobile, and Linux. In addition, modular technologies available from TI and ST -including wireless LAN, Bluetooth, camera modules and Flash memories - will all enhance the ability of manufacturers to easily differentiate their products.

"The new cdma2000 1X solution provides an open and flexible platform that will encourage growth in the CDMA chipset market," said Rick Kornfeld, vice president, general manager of TI's wireless chipset business. "With this solution's modular architecture and the breadth of wireless products offered by both companies, CDMA terminal manufacturers now have an unprecedented alternative for designing innovative, competitive wireless products."

"By uniting our strengths, ST and TI will provide handset manufacturers with a portfolio of CDMA solutions that will target multiple markets and fuel industry growth," said Loic Lietar, vice president of ST's Cellular Terminal Division. "This cdma2000 1X solution combines the complementary strengths and proven chipset expertise of our companies in a competitive product that will drive openness and differentiation in the mobile terminal market."

Leveraging customer-proven technology, the cdma2000 1X solution reduces the bill of materials and board space for wireless handsets by integrating the most complex portions of an entire system into four small-footprint devices. Seamless interfaces simplify system design, and advanced circuitry and leading manufacturing processes minimize power consumption, thereby increasing both standby and talk times.

At the heart of the system are the solution's digital and analog baseband ICs. TI's dual-processor TBB5110 digital baseband communications engine provides voice encoding and decoding, system control and high-performance digital signal processing of both IS-95 and IS-2000 1X CDMA supporting IS-2000 Revision 0 data rates up to 153.6 kilobits per second (kbps) on both the forward and reverse communication channels.

The STw4200 analog baseband and power management device from ST integrates all functions required for power management, battery and charger control and monitoring, as well as the voice and radio sigma delta A/D and D/A converters. It also integrates the voice analog front end and all required housekeeping functions such as real time clock, auxiliary converters and all user interfaces and drivers.

The TRF4320 transmitter and TRF5320 receiver from TI perform dual-band RF modulation/demodulation using direct conversion between the baseband and radio antenna. Direct conversion eliminates intermediate frequency stages, reducing power consumption and component count and providing the most cost-effective RF implementation available.

Support for the cdma2000 1X solution includes a reference design that consists of a complete bill of materials, board design and layout, a proven CDMA protocol stack along with development and testing tools, and a broad set of data and messaging services supported via TI's integrated TCS Application Suite.

ST and TI are committed to expanding the CDMA platform to cover all market segments, geographic segments, and future evolutions of modem technologies such as 1xEV-DV. TI and ST will continuously drive cost reduction through advanced deep sub-micron process technology and will offer high performance, low power and low cost CDMA solutions for next generation products.