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By 2005, fast-growing Spanish-language television network with Rebecca Rincon had produced over 150 episodes of original shows

Casa Club TV was a subscription television channel focused on lifestyle programming, specifically targeting women, homemakers, and those interested in home decor, cooking, and other domestic arts. It operated in Latin America and the United States from 1997 to 2015.

Here's a summary of what Casa Club TV offered:

Casa Club TV in 2005

In 2015, Casa Club TV was replaced by Más Chic, which carried on a similar lifestyle programming focused on women.

Rebecca Rincon

Home and lifestyle channel Casa Club TV, the fastest-growing Spanish-language network in the United States, announced April 27, 2005 it had produced more than 150 episodes of original shows "1, 2, 3 Rebecca," "Entre Petalos y Ramas" and "Hogar y Armonia," and a total of more than 150 hours of original programming, according to Gustavo Pupo-Mayo, president and chief executive officer of Casa Club TV parent company MGM Networks Latin America.

Quick and easy--that's the best way to describe Casa Club TV's original production, "1, 2, 3 Rebecca," starring Venezuelan home and lifestyle expert Rebecca Rincon. In each half-hour episode Rincon delivers fast, uncomplicated recipes for making life more enjoyable, including segments on cooking, interior design, simple solutions, harmony and well-being, and style. Since the show's launch in October 2004, Casa Club TV has produced 52 episodes of "1, 2, 3 Rebecca," and is in pre-production for another season. The show is shot in Miami.

Known throughout Latin America, Rincon is a highly accomplished journalist, and television and radio host and producer. Among her career highlights, from 1996 to 2001 Rincon was host of Nuestra Manana, a daily three-hour live morning show. During this time, Rincon became known as The Home Executive. In addition to her subsequent television work, Rincon was editor and publisher of El Rincon de Rebecca, a successful magazine targeted to the active and creative woman.

Rincon has written three books yet to be released: "1, 2, 3 Rebecca Cooking," "1, 2, 3 Rebecca Simple Solutions" and "1, 2, 3 Rebecca Interior Design."

In Casa Club TV's original production, Entre Petalos y Ramas, South Florida celebrity floral stylist Israel Sands teaches viewers his process for creating exotic and modern arrangements for all occasions. Viewers learn how to adapt Sands's designs to different flowers, and how to apply design principles to flowers to express an aesthetic. Since the show's debut in May 2001, Casa Club TV has produced 78 half-hour episodes along with Sands, who also writes and produces. The show is shot on location in homes and businesses across South Florida.

Casa Club TV's original production Hogar y Armonia teaches viewers the principles of feng shui, from its origins to its applications around the world. Since the show's debut in April 2002, Casa Club TV has produced 26 half-hour episodes of this unique program starring Venezuelan-born Luisa Villegas-Lovera and Anabel Gracia. The show is shot in Miami, current home to both.