Yenra : Telephone : Audio Call Screening : Telephone application service provides privacy features, rescue rings, and transfer from cell to work or home phones

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A privacy-enhanced cell phone number from CallWave allows audio call screening on incoming calls, so you can listen in to messages as they are being left in voicemail. If you want to talk, pressing 1 on your cell phone will connect you live with the caller.

The rescue ring service lets you pre-program a call to your cell phone that will ring during your date. If you need to get away, can quickly exit stage left.

The CallWave phone number with audio call screening lets you avoid unwanted invitations altogether . . . or at least listen to the offer before taking the call.

The CallWave service for cell phones is priced at $3.95 per month. It works with all cell phones and all cell carriers, requires no hardware, and can be set up in about one minute online. If you want to talk for hours on end and not incur an outrageous cell phone bill, you can press 2 and transfer the cellular call to your home or work phone.