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Bluetooth Stereo

Zeevo and Impulsesoft announce the availability of complete Bluetooth Stereo reference designs based on the industry's first available BT 1.2 device. The stereo solutions include hardware designs for both the transmitter (personal jukebox, mobile phones, notebooks, consumer AV devices) and receiver (headphone, wireless speakers) along with a complete suite of software components. Included in the software suite are the upper and lower layer stack, the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, Audio Video Remote Control Profile, Headset Profile and Handsfree Profile. The rich profile support provides a universal headphone capable of supporting streaming music as well as connection to a cell phone for hands free operation.

Zeevo delivers a highly integrated Bluetooth System-on-Chip solution combined with innovative LTCC packaging technology that together provide such products all the benefits of an RF module at significantly lower costs. The ZV4002 single-chip Bluetooth IC is fabricated in TSMC's 0.18u RFCMOS process. Zeevo also relies on proven test and assembly facilities such as ASE in Taiwan that provide the highest quality, on-time delivery and support.